Let’s know about Strategy Consulting

What is Strategy Consulting?

"We focus on results delivery across the must win battles where your business really need help"

BP&S as Strategy consulting firm advise organisations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. It is a type of Management Consulting, which generally implies advising at the highest-level of a company. 

Our team of Strategy consultants work across every industry, with private and public sector bodies on a wide range of issues.

For example, a company is looking to save money in a shrinking market, so it decides to close one of it’s manufacturing plants. They want to know if this is a worthwhile course of action, which of their plants should be closed, how much money it will save them, how much it will cost them, and how they should restructure their supply chain to manage this loss of production – this is where strategic consulting support from BP&S comes in, obviously this is just one example of many and diverse situations that can arise in organizations where external help could be required to facilitate and ensure the process.

A strategy is defined as “a plan with the aim of  realising long-term goals,” and organisations regularly engage with us for support in developing and implementing business strategies and strategic decisions.

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Why do my organization need strategy consulting?

An obvious question that comes to mind is “Why don’t organisations just take care of these questions themselves?”.

BP&S as Strategy Consulting firm is generally brought in on the important decisions that are vital to the future of the company, to make sure the every angle is considered through deep analyses, benchmarks and proved methodologies. We can devote ourselves entirely to the question at hand, while your executives are normally busy with the actual running of the company. BP&S´s Consultants also offer deep expertise in a particular industry or subject, such as market positioning or restructuring.

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Our principal practices as strategy consulting services consists of ten disciplines:

  • Deep Business Assessment and Corporate Strategy,
  • Business Model Transformation,
  • Economic Policy,
  • Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Functional Strategy,
  • Strategy & Operations,
  • Full Potential and Performance Improvement Strategy
  • Customer and Employee Experience Strategy
  • Digital Strategy

What skills you will find in our team?

As well as specific industry knowledge, there are a key skills that are essential  in our team. 

  • Analytical skills: The ability to collect and analyse large amounts of data, to assess problems and structure solutions and to present information at a range of levels.
  • People skills: Consulting is a client-focused industry and a lot of your time will be spent dealing with management in order to better understand the issues they’re facing. Strong ability  to build relationships, to be persuasive when necessary and know when to defer.
  • Time management: Focus in work to tight deadlines and missing them is not an option.
  • Flexibity: Even with a certain level of experience, we still have much more to learn. We recognize our client’s experience in his business and we co-create together with him the best initiatives to improve.

In short, what we do as a strategy consulting firm?

Our clients look us to support them with strategic decision making, which includes the development of strategy and, to an extent, also the execution of strategic plans. As the responsibility for strategic decision making falls under the mandate of CxO’s and (senior) management, we typically work for executives and high-ranked managers.

By doing so, we can help companies with the definition of their vision, mission and strategy, support them with market entry into a new market or with a shift towards a new business model.

Governments and institutions are supported with economic policy setting, while in the case of mergers & acquisitions, BP&S typically support the strategic activities of the M&A process such as setting the M&A strategy, executing the commercial due diligence, creating the merger business case and/or designing the integration roadmap.

At the same time, we can cover all major functional strategies, spanning strategic work across the full value chain. For example, we can be asked to define commercial strategies in the sales & marketing domain, draft pricing, customer channel and product market combination strategies. In the case of HR, BP&S can contribute to human capital strategies, including talent management business cases. While in the field of operations, we are picked to draft operating models and tie those with higher-level business objectives.

In light of the rise of digital and technology as an enabler of strategy, or even a key competitive differentiator  according to some, digital strategy has grown into a large service area within strategy consulting over the past few years. Our practice across Full Potential programs in special digital strategy support customers with, among others, creating IT strategies, providing plans on how to embrace technology into business strategy, ensuring business functions are well positioned to adopt systems and tools, as well as high-level IT architecture work. 


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